Separation not only affects your emotional wellbeing but also your financial wellbeing. Property settlement and asset division are required for separated couples to end their financial relationship. Without doing so, your former spouse still has a degree of control and it will be harder to move on to the next stage of your life. Resolving a financial dispute requires skill, experience and expert knowledge.

When dividing assets between yourself and former spouse, you inevitably end up with a reduced income and less than what you previously had. At Waters Lawyers, we are experts in property settlements and asset division. We are fearless in protecting your interests.

How does the law decide how assets will be divided?

The law seeks to ensure any financial settlement between the parties is fair, and no two cases are the same. The law considers the parties contributions and needs, regardless of whose name the assets and liabilities are in. In most cases, the parties must first attempt to reach an agreement before proceeding to Court. By engaging Waters Lawyers to assist with this, we are able to advocate on your behalf and predict what a Court is likely to consider fair based on our vast experience.

Who’s entitled to what in a divorce?

What am I entitled to when ending a de facto relationship?

I’ve received inheritance. Do I need to share that with my ex-partner as part of our divorce or de facto separation?

What happens if the matter proceeds to Court?

Taking your dispute to Court means allowing the Judge to divide all of your respective assets, liabilities and financial resources in a fair way according to the law. The Court will insist you try mediation before a final hearing is held. For example, if there is a family home, it must be sold, or one party must buy the other out. We pride ourselves on providing honest and transparent advice as to which option is more viable for you.

How much will it cost me?

When it comes to asset division, the costs of engaging a lawyer vary and at times may exceed the value of the assets in question, particularly if there is not a property you own involved.

At Waters Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent … and sometimes that means not taking on a matter as it would be financially beneficial for you and against our morals to do so. We rarely advise to get involved in asset division where no property or large asset is involved.

How do I book an appointment?

To discuss your matter we offer a free non-obligational initial consultation which can be arranged by contacting our office on 5996 1600 or by booking an ‘Initial meeting – asset Settlement’ appointment here.


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