Child custody

We’re parents too and believe all children deserve a wonderfully memorable childhood. Both parents share the responsibility to ensure the care, welfare and development of their children. However, the needs the best interests of the child is the paramount consideration by both Waters Lawyers and the court. Sometimes the happiness and security of a child is put at risk in the midst of a child custody dispute. At Waters Lawyers, we are highly experienced in deescalating tense situations and resolving parenting disputes in a sensitive manner.

The law seeks firstly to protect children from physical and psychological harm, but also believes that children have the right to know and be cared for by both parents, regardless of their marital status. They have the right to spend regular time and communicate with both parents and other significant family members, such as grandparents and relatives.

Resolution is first attempted through mediation in most cases. If this proves unsuccessful, you will be issued with a certificate to progress the dispute to court. However, by doing this, you are granting the Judge final jurisdiction in the parenting orders. Documentation must be filed in order to issue pro-ceedings, and engaging a highly skilled family lawyer is essential to ensure they are prepared and filed correctly and promptly.

The cost of child custody matters vary depending on the circumstances and if we need to progress to the Family Court. During our initial consultation, we will analyse the situation and risks from each party and then predict the likely outcome.

We are transparent in our approach and will always tell you what you need to hear so you are equipped to make an informed decision moving forward. Decisions made in the Family Court are difficult to appeal, therefore having an expert Family Lawyer in your corner from the beginning is vital.

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