What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal ownership of real estate from one person to another. Engaging the services of a highly skilled lawyer is the safest way to complete a conveyancing matter. You should ideally engage conveyancing services before a contract is signed. The opportunities to end the contract can be limited if legal advice is sought after the sale has been finalised.

Why choose Waters Lawyers?

At Waters Lawyers, our expertise extends far beyond merely completing the documentation. Our clients benefit from our knowledge, skills and expertise as we advise on pre-contract rules and procedures, contractual obligations and the precise nature of the relationship between our client and the other party/parties. We carry full responsibility for our client’s legal wellbeing and financial safety throughout any conveyancing matter.

The benefit of engaging Waters Lawyers over a Licenced Conveyancer is that we are highly trained, experienced and have problem-solving skills. We also can bring in experienced solicitors should the need arise.

What is a section 32?

The Section 32 is a document provided by the seller of real estate (vendor) to an intending purchaser. The name derives from Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act which requires a vendor to provide certain information to the purchaser before a contract of sale is signed. If the vendor fails to provide the information required by the Act before the contract is signed, the purchaser will be able to cancel the contract. However, there are exceptions to this rule and purchasers should be wary in assuming that any technicality will allow them to end the contract.

What will it cost me?

Standard conveyancing – $1200
Conveyancing with a Trust involved – Call us for a price
Conveyancing with an owners corporation involved – Call us for a price

How do I book?

We take all our bookings for conveyancing over the phone, so that we can have a quick chat with you first. Contact our office on 5996 1600 to speak with a conveyancer and arrange an appointment if needed.


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