Conveyancing Myth Busters

Buying a house is expensive, we get that, but skimping on additional services, such as conveyancing, will cost you much more in the long run – in both money and stress!


Conveyancers often don’t take priority on the first home buyers’ journey. We’re there to cross the t’s and dot the i’s – you know, make sure everything is in order. The milestones we share together might not be as exciting as getting bank approval for a home loan or having your offer accepted, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get an invite to the party.

To calm your nerves, we’ve busted some common conveyancing myths. Here are the top three:

1. “I can do it myself”

We hear this one a lot! Conveyancing work can only be completed by someone who holds accounts with PEXA and Duties Online, which cannot be done without a conveyancer’s licence or practising certificate. Conveyancing also requires skills, knowledge and expertise that are acquired through studying and working in the industry (not to mention the industry is always changing)!

    2. “Choosing the cheapest conveyancer will save me money”

    Just like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Experience, skill and attention-to-detail are far more important than price. Although the cheapest conveyancer might save you money in the short-term, they might miss something important and cause headaches for you and your bank balance in the future.


    3. “I must use the conveyancer my real estate agent refers me to”

    Your real estate agent may have a referral scheme set up with a conveyancer, but you’re not obliged to engage their services if you don’t want to. You’re free to choose a conveyancer based on your own research; one that you feel comfortable and confident with.  It’s also important to note that any referral scheme between an agent and a conveyancer or lawyer must be disclosed to the client.


    At Waters Lawyers, we like to keep things as simple and stress-free as possible, so unlike many other conveyancers at law firms, we charge a flat fee of $1,200 (plus disbursements) for standard conveyancing. If there is a Trust or an owners corporation involved, the price may vary slightly. Feel free to contact our friendly team on (03) 5996 1600 to arrange a quick quote or book an appointment online using this link

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