Probate: Register a will 

At Waters Lawyers, we understand the passing of a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience. As the executor or administrator of an estate, it is your role to distribute the estate as per your loved one’s wishes in ac-cordance with the law. We have decades of experience advising and acting on behalf of executors and administrators and are dedicated to supporting you to ensure you do not feel any extra strain.

What is Probate?

Before a will can be executed, a process of probate is required. The Supreme Court requires the executor of the will to prove and register the last will and testament of a deceased person.

What can I expect to happen?

A solicitor is typically instructed to assist in this process by completing the legal work involved. For most estates, a grant of probate is required which is formal approval by the Court to administer an estate. This is typically obtained by an application to a Registrar of the Supreme Court to prove various facts, including the final will and the assets and liabilities. When pro-bate has been granted, the executor is able to distribute the estate accord-ing to the will.

Why should I engage Waters Lawyers to help with this process?

Our extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with our integrity, mean we are dedicated to supporting you and your family through the process. In addition to obtaining grants of probate and letters of administration, we can also help you administer the estate, transfer assets and make distributions to beneficiaries.

What if Waters Lawyers didn’t originally prepare the will?

In the event we have not prepared the will, the will is not valid or legally binding, there are multiple wills or there is no will at all, we can alleviate the stress of the situation and guide you through the process. Fulfilling your role as the executor or the administrator will be much easier with Waters Lawyers by your side.

What will it cost me?

To register the will for a deceased estate, you will need to book a 1 hour ‘Register a Will’ appointment. The appointment costs $220 and starts the process for probate. Book online or contact our office on (03) 5996 1600 to arrange an appointment.

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