Yes. When seeking a divorce or separating from a de facto partner, there are many things to consider, such as property and asset division, updating wills, child custody matters, as well as the process and documentation to finalise a divorce. Only a lawyer can advise you of your legal rights and entitlements.


Yes. There is a formal and legally binding process required to finalise your legal relationship with your ex-partner that can only be done through the assistance of a lawyer.


Yes. At Waters Lawyers, we understand that separation and divorce is an emotional and stressful time, especially when your ex-partner is refusing to interact with the legal system. However, the court can force a person to participate. We have extensive experience in dealing with non-obliging opposing parties and will guide and support you through the process.


Yes! We are passionate about what we do and genuinely care for each of our clients. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, having both an ethical and legal relationship of trust with you.

We understand it can be daunting seeing a lawyer for the first time, but we do our best to eliminate the stress and make you feel comfortable. The first consultation with us is free of charge as we take the time to get to know you and your situation so we can start planning a way forward. We understand this may be confronting, but honesty and openness are important from both us and you at this stage, so we can accurately advise you on options and point out any weaknesses in your case.


No. Our priority is to get to know you so we can provide accurate, honest and helpful advice.


If it is to your advantage to go to court, then we will do so. If it is not to your advantage to go court, then we work to avoid this. We have decades of experience in representing our clients at courts across Victoria.


Big city firms focus on the number of billable hours and the amount of work they can do. There isn’t the same personalised approach that we pride ourselves on at Waters Lawyers. Although we have experience working in city firms, we’re more interested in helping people and guiding them through the legal process.