The hurdles to becoming a lawyer – and why you can trust us

The hurdles to becoming a lawyer – and why you can trust us

So, you want to be a lawyer?  Fantastic! There are many hurdles to overcome before you can practice, however.

Begin by being accepted into an accredited university course.  This will teach you the legal principles all lawyers must understand.  The most prestigious university courses will only take the top two to three percent of school leavers (yes, we were part of this group)! 

Expect your studies to take up to five years. During this time, you will be trained to think like a lawyer – analytical and objective, yet empathetic. Law is generally part of a double degree such as psychology or business, which helps to create a holistic approach when you eventually enter practice.

There’s a common misconception about university that exists in all degree, with law being no exception. That is that learning only begins in the workplace … but this mentality is wrong. A good education upgrades your brain’s ability to analyse and solve problems. Being well-versed in the legal concepts surrounding an area of law is vital as it allows you to anticipate the other side’s arguments and better predict an outcome of a case in its initial stages, therefore providing better advice to your client.

Well done – you’ve graduated university! But be patient, you’re not a lawyer just yet. It’s time to complete an apprenticeship with an experienced lawyer. This is your time to observe and learn as you transition from the safety net of university into real world scenarios. You can even appear in Court if the Judge allows.

Then the big day comes… Admission!  New Lawyers sign the roll at the Supreme Court and swear an oath of allegiance to the profession.  It’s a big day for all including friends and family.  All the hard work has paid off.

However, this is just the beginning. You are still not a lawyer yet.

Half of all new lawyers will quit the profession within the first five years.  The recognised top two to three percent of school leavers are dramatically culled by natural selection.  It takes a massive amount of determination and commitment to become an accomplished lawyer and have a successful career.  Your skill, integrity and resilience will be tested every day.  It’s a thirty-year commitment.

So when are you a lawyer? 

At Waters Lawyers we believe it is when every action you take, word you speak and letter you write is precise and planned.  It’s when you know what to do in every situation no matter its complexity.  It’s when your integrity and reputation remain crystal clear after years of wear and tear.  It’s when you’ve come so far in your career you can never turn back.

You won’t just think you are a lawyer; you will know it.

At Waters Lawyers, our lawyers are committed for life to being the best and most skilful lawyers they can be.  We have dedicated the best part of our lives to perfecting our legal skills and knowledge. 

We will never give up and are relentless in our mission to provide the best legal advice and representation for our clients. Think you might need our help? It’s okay if you’re not sure, just give us a call on 5996 1600 and we’ll let you know what you need.

By Simon Varszeghy

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